Email us your testimonial and send a photo (optional) holding your Dano!

First of all, I want to thank you for this great bass! It arrived today. Delivery took less
than 10 days to Russia which is hard to believe. The guitar itself is wonderful!
I took care of buying new strings beforehand, so when it arrived I was all ready to go.
Assembling the guitar took no time at all and was really easy, and after stringing it
everything worked like a charm. I didn't need any additional set-up to make it work.
When I tuned the strings and plugged the bass in, I was blown away! This bass is
unbelievably good-sounding, and it's also not heavy at all, which makes it a great relief
after my solid-wood OLP Music Man copy. So it has some upright bass sound characteristics
in a certain pickup selector position, which is cool for covering all these 50's classic tunes.
When all three pickups are used together, the sound becomes so powerful that I don't have
the words to describe it, needless to say, I was positively shocked
. I'll certainly look forward
to buying another Danelectro from you if I need one. Many thanks,
Kirill Polyakov / Moscow

Just wanted to drop you a line to say that the DC-12 arrived safe and sound and to thank you
for providing such a fantastic service. We don't see too many of these instruments in the stores in Australia,
so it's lucky for us that there's an honest and trustworthy provider over there in the USA!
Andrew Gallus / Australia

the last 8 months my son and I have experienced superb service from Spencer at DanGuitars,
having purchased a number of guitars and basses which have all traveled safely to the bottom of the world (New Zealand).
They have all arrived quickly (in as little as 5 days), very well packed and once assembled they all sound
The only
down-side has been the ongoing, irresistable temptation to buy yet another one - Danelectros
are so addictive and they look as cool as they sound. Keep up the great work Spencer
. Many thanks.
John C. & Ben C. / New Zealand

Just wanted to let you know I got my guitar. 
It was packaged very well and arrived in great shape. 
Thanks for going the extra mile with the double boxing, packing peanuts around
the interior box and the bubble wrap around the guitar inside of the second box.
I raised the bridge just a tick ( I plan on using it as my slide guitar ) and it plays like a dream. 
I was nervous about buying a guitar sight unseen, but I couldn't be happier with the way things worked out. 
It sounds great and everything is in like new condition.  If I get in the mood for another Dano,
maybe a 59-DC or a 12 string, I'll look you up again.
Thanks again.

The Hodad bass I bought from you, which you listed as mint condition, arrived yesterday.
You weren't exaggerating! Except for a couple of almost invisible factory imperfections
on the white frame trim, I can't find any flaws. I would have written you sooner,
but I'm having too much fun playing this guitar.

The sustain is amazing, and with the three pickups the Hodad can really
jam. I'm still working out the range of sounds it makes. The tones I'm
getting so far are distinctly different from any I can get from my Ibanez or Hofner.

You shipped it quickly, you packed it very well and it is as advertised.
I also believe I got a bit of a bargain in the price department as well.
What more could I ask for? It really is a pleasure doing business with you.
Darrel Johnston / Edmond, Oklahoma

My Limo Black 59-DC arrived safely today! It was delivered to Sweden in only 8 days during the Christmas holiday.
guitar is in perfect condition. It sounds great and I love to play it. Thanks for your great service!
Bengt Thand / Sweden

A couple of weeks ago I received a brand new Danelectro '63 long scale bass in redburst.
I have been playing classic rock music for almost 20 years with my BEL AIR band,
on the other corner of the world and along these years I have tried all brands of basses
(Fender, Epiphone, Hofner, etc.), but this one is simply THE BEST: a very simple machine,
with an outstanding powerful and clear tone even when played with fingers. 
The very same Saturday I got the bass I took it with me onstage and it played like heaven,
apart from the fact that it is extremely light and well balanced.
Thank you for providing rock musicians with this extraordinary machine.
Alfie Gayle / Montevideo, Uruguay

Spencer returned my email within a few hours and his honest, sincere way put me at ease
enough to order a '59-DC "Pro," '63 Long Scale Bass (Black) and a Hodad Mini Amp.
I received my shipment a week later and am so happy with my decision to buy Danelectro.
Absoloutley brilliant guitars ! So nice to play as well as the ease in which I can move around the neck.
The DC Pro has unbelievable sustain with clean, crisp tones and then turns into a Classic
Rock - Punk - Grunge sound with amazing tone there. Feels and sounds like a guitar at 1/2 the price of other guys.
The bass... I couldn't ask for anything better...Unreal sounds and so nice to play.
Truly professional sounding guitars and a real joy to play. All 3 feel amazing in my hands.
Thank you Spencer...true to your word, I am enjoying, actually loving my Dano's.
Rod Shells / British Columbia, Canada

Great job on the bullet proof packaging. DanGuitars did an awsome job
communicating and shipping on time. They are very easy to do buisness with.  I'm stoked on my U2 guitar
and I highly recommend buying Danelectro products from DanGuitars.
Joel Di Mauro / USA

Just wanted to say that my Hodad is everything that I could have wanted and more. 
Everyone's eyes turn to my guitar when I play it at shows. Someone asked "who plays the cadillac?" 
I am more than pleased with the  service I received from 
My guitar arrived fast and in perfect condition. Thanks!
Charles Backus / Jamestown, NY

Lulina with Dano PRO

This guitar is amazing. It's the guitar I have looked for all these years. 
It's like it was invented for me! Thank you so much!
I'm so happy, it's my soulmate!
Luciana Lins (aka Lulina) / São Paulo,

My '59 Dano arrived a few days ago. It was packaged really well. This may be my first Dano, but not my last! 
I have several Fenders and Gibsons and I was not expecting the sound and feel that comes from this under-priced piece of heaven. 
The action and intonation was perfect straight out of the box. I stayed up most of the night playing the heck out of it.
This guitar has to be my favorite! It has a wonderful warm sound that really rocks. The neck is just perfect for
my small hands and the radius really lets me bend those strings. Thanks! Forever! 
JB Cooner /Alabama

I just wanted to let you know that you have provided me with the greatest guitar that I have ever played.
I don't know whether it was that old Danelectro charm or a magic day at the factory,
but there is certainly something special about this 59-DC. And it came so well packed! And fast! Keep up the good work.
Will Kindler / Wilton, New Hampshire

I bought a baritone and I have never been so happy with an instrument I've purchased in my whole entire life.
It comepletly changed my style for the better and my band loves me for it. Thank you!
Kimberly / Brooklyn, NY

I received my Danelectro Longhorn Bass in just 5 days in a strong packaging. The Dano is great!
Thank you for the high class service and the great quality of the guitar.
I'll probably order another Danelectro in the near future. Highly recommanded!
Philippe Lombardi / France

The Danelectro Longhorn Bass arrived yesterday in great shape and in a very timely manner and I appreciate
doing business with folks like you. I'll surely keep you in mind when I want to add another Dano to my collection. 
Thanks again for the great transaction.
Joe Smothers / Valdosta, GA

The Daddy-O-Yellow 59-DC arrived and is fantastic! Thank you very much. It has such a low action and the sounds
are brilliant. It's really nice to play. Thank you for your support through emails over the past week or so.
Your service has been very, very good and the guitar was really well packaged. It is now my
favorite of my guitars! I shall definitely shop with you again!
Eddy Winlow / Yorkshire, U.K

I just received my '59 Dano. I'm so glad I got it! It's beautiful and plays like a much more
expensive guitar.  And... it looks so cool!
Michael O. / Boston, MA

Just a note to you to let you know that the 59-DC arrived safely - no delay and no problems.
What can I say? This has fast become my favorite guitar. Now I can really believe what
everybody has been saying about Danelectros. I have in my collection some quintessential
examples of the "main players"... a '66 Gibson SG and a '87 American Standard Strat -
both fantastic-playing guitars. Honestly, I think the Dano plays so much better. It just feels so comfortable
and the sounds out of the amp are phenomenal. Truly a great experience this has been for me.
I'll be very happy for a long time! Thank you so much. As much as I like this 59-DC I'll be keeping my eye out
for another model. Thanks for your great website and your outstanding service!
Steve MacDonald / Denver, Colorado

I received the DC bass safe and sound (not-to-mention a day early!) and absolutely love it.
It gets to make its first appearance of 11 gigs this coming Saturday. I've been playing it
at rehearsals and it sounds and plays great. I thought I'd have to set-it-up but it's right at
the perfect action I like and it doesn't even buzz on any frets. I'm already extolling the virtues
of getting a Dano axe from you to all of my musician friends here in the bay area.
Jaime "one satisfied customer" Crespo / San Francisco, CA

Thanks for the Danelectro DC-3. It arrived in mint condition and sounds amazing. Finally I've got the same
guitar as Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker. Thank you very much - the best Christmas present of my life.
Honza Svelch / Susice, Czech Republic

I just wanted to let you know that my son absolutely loves the Retro Purple 59DC guitar I purchased
for him for Christmas. Thank you again for excellent service and product.
Marie Bini

You guys are great! The Longhorn Bass arrived in perfect condition and plays great.
My new favorite bass.
Paul Cantwell, New Jersey

The Danelectro 59-DC was in perfect shape when arrived. Yesterday I brought it to my rehearsal room
 and plugged it in to test the sound. The only word that came to my mind was "amazing."
Never ever played anything quite like that. The neck, the fretboard, the bridge setup were all just perfect,
and the sound (as well as the look) was completely stunning. What else can I say?...
Kindness, super fast shipments, professional packaging, outstanding guitars (even better than described).
This is what Spencer gives you. I couldn’t be more satisfied. If I have to buy another Dano related item in the future.
I sure will take a look st first. Keep up the good work and thanks for everything!

Lorenzo Biagi / Bolgna Italy

Since I got my Danelectro longhorn bass I have hardly touched my other three basses. Thank you Spencer for
such a good price and fast and inexpensive shipping. You're a great packer! I was so impressed when I opened
the box and saw the great condition the bass was in. Often when sellers say "mint" condition, the guitar has a lot of
dings and scratches but this longhorn was like new. Not a scratch on it. Amazing condition!! I am so happy now
since I've got my dream bass and at a good price too. I will definitely have more buisness with
in the future. Thank you Spencer for making my dream come true.
Eyjó Jóns/ Iceland

My Danelectro 56-U2 arrived in Portugal very fast and extremly well packed.
It sounds great and it's in very good condition. Thank you Spencer for all the help
and for answering all my questions. Best of luck!
Afonso Rodrigues / Portugal

Spencer, my copper 56-U2 arrived yesterday, and I've only put it down for meals and bathroom breaks.
It seems to weigh about half what my Dad's Les Paul does, and the fast neck makes it incredibly easy to play.
Thanks again for the opportunity to purchase one of these unique instruments in new condition.
P.S. I appreciate the careful shipping!
Daniel Wheeler / Lexington, KY

My Dano arrived safe and sound today. I think you get the "world's greatest packer" award! NICE JOB!!
The twelve string neck seems REALLY nice! Thanks for everything and all the best.
Andy McCulla

In 1966 I swapped my Fender Precision for a Blonde Danelectro Longhorn bass. the best bass I have ever played.
I played it at the Cavern in Liverpool in 1968 in my band ADAM who's name is in the Wall Of Fame at the new Cavern.
As lead vocalist and bass player, the versatility of the guitar was ace and the sound through my
Selmer Treble and Bass amp and two eighteen inch Selmer speaker cabs was awesome.
I still have that same longhorn bass today and will always treasure it!
David Pratt / Wales

I wanted to thank DanGuitars for the chance to purchase a Danelectro. I am very pleased with my Aqua 56-U2.
The guitar arrived in great condition and the packaging was first rate. Thanks again.
Greg Kowalczyk / Nazareth, Pa.

I just recieved my 56-U3 and it is in great playing condition. Thanks Spencer
for answering all my questions.
Michael Edwards / Vancouver, BC, Canada

I just wanted to let you know I'm enjoying my 59-DC modified blackburst Danelectro guitar.
Not only is it beautiful, but it's sound definitely gives Gibson and Fenders a run for their money!
Dano's have a unique sound, for sure.  I chose Danoelectro guitars for two reasons.
First, they are lightweight and easily playable. Secondly, if these guitars are good enough for Jimi Hendrix
and Jimmy Page, they are good enough for me! I couldn't be happier. Thanks so much!
Mary Shaver

I recently purchased a copperburst Danelectro 56-U2 from your website. The guitar arrived in excellent condition.
Although I own several other classic Gibson and Fender Guitars, I've found that (just like 20 years ago),
I cannot seem to put this guitar down and have had a blast playing it over the week.
Thanks again for a great website on these almost forgotten gems. This one has become an important and
permanent part of my collection and I look forward to recording with it. I have forwarded your
website link to other guitarist that will hopefully provide more business for you in the future.
Jim Boyle

My copper 59-DC arrived yesterday. Sounds great, particularly for slide. 
Many thanks for the speedy delivery and great service.
Andrew Mason /
Torrington, UK

In my 43 years of professional playing, recording and teaching all styles of music, I have found no better sounding,
playing and versitile guitar than a Danelectro any price
. Of the 70 or so guitars I have to choose from,
nothing comes close to my personal Danos which is just about all I play anymore.  

Denny T. / Oahu, Hawaii

I wrote you a while back on the fact that I had been given a 59-DC by a good friend.
You maintained that it was an outstanding guitar. Time has told the tale, and you were not wrong.
I have now put it through its paces, and let me tell you this: I have never before, in my thirty-five
years plus of playing, had the pleasure of playing something that is as much pure fun as this guitar.
I've managed to wring sounds out of it using different pick zones with a combination of volume,
tone and the switch setting that have literally brought all the hairs on the back of my neck to attention. 
I have never played anything as comfortable in my hands, as versatile, as my Dano.
You were absolutely right in every respect, and thank you again for your help in filling me in about my treasure.  
Dan Dille / Washington

Dano lovers, Spencer is a good and honest man to do business with. I've purchased five Danos from him
over the past several months and have been very pleased with what he has shipped to me. Keep up the good work.
Dennis Leckington / Salem, Oregon

The Danelectro arrived this morning at my door, everything in great condition.
I've already tested the guitar. Great sound! Thank you!!
Jorgen Krogsveen / Oslo, Norway

I bring good news. I recieved the limo-black 59-DC on Tuesday, in perfect working order. She sounds absolutely beautiful.
I finally realised the granduer of this moment, as I was watching a video this afternoon with a friend,
I left the room for a moment only to hear him call after me,  "Get in here, Jimmy Page is playing your guitar!"
I certainly hope this will not be the last time we do business. My thanks to you again!
William / Co. Kildare Ireland

I should have sent you a message on Thursday when it arrived but I've hardly stopped playing for long enough.
The Doubleneck arrived in perfect condition and sounds spectacular! I've been hard pressed to stop playing even for food or sleep.
My hand is in bits but the rewards are well worth all the effort!! My thanks to you for this great opportunity.
I thought I was never going to find a Danelectro until I stumbled upon your site, purely by chance. Thanks again, and best regards.
William / Co. Kildare Ireland

I ordered a 59-DC and a week later it arrived in perfect condition, with extra strings and a new bag.
It's great to play and the service and advice Spencer provided over the next couple of days was brilliant.
Highly recommended! Thanks again for everything. 
Stuart Pearson / England

Just wanted you to know my DC-59 arrived yesterday at noon in perfect condition. I'm SO excited!
Took her out of the box and even without hooking her up to an amp she made the most beautiful sounds
(even though I only know a couple of chords!). I'm very very happy. Thank you so much for working with me on this deal.
You are "instrumental" (hee hee) in getting my musical career kicked into higher and faster motion. Thanks again. 

Thanks so much for what you do! I got my Danelectro 59-DC in Daddy-O-Yellow about a month and a half ago
and have played the strings off it. I love it!! They say the Strat is versatile, but I can't see how it has anything on the Danos.
What a great playing, great sounding guitar. There's no cooler looking instrument out there.
Chase Farmer / Columbus, Missouri

Thank you so much! My Commie Red 59-DC came in yesterday and I couldn't be more thrilled!
I absolutly love it. I have wanted one for some many years and now I have one of my very own.
I own my own little piece of history. Now after I watch Jimmy Page work his magic on his Dano, I can now
hold mine in my hands instead of me saying "Man! I wish I had one of those!!" Thank you so much! 
Jacob Goodspeed

I received my Blue Burst Danelectro Convertible with no problems about a week ago. 
The action seems fine, the body is in good shape and it is holding it's tuning just fine,
so all I can say is thanks! I am a happy customer. Thanks to a musician reunited with a guitar
for the first time in 15 years, it's fun and coming back to me and thanks for the great customer service. 
Daniel C. Laursen / New Jersey

Just bought a Dano 12 string from Spencer - delivered to Japan in 7 days flat!
I've been wanting this for about 8 years! Its beautiful! Looks like new and plays like a dream too! 
Thanks so much for your patience and help in buying it. I can't wait to show it to the guys in the band! 
John King / Matsuyama, Japan

My Danelectro DC-12 String arrived a few days ago and I have been playing it non-stop. My fingers are almost bleeding.
Up until now, my main guitar has been a 1965 Fender Mustang but it hasn't been out of the case since I got the Dano...
and it probably won't be out again for a while. I love this Dano. It plays great and sounds great.
I just can't put it down. Thanks a million. 
John Grimsby / Ontario, Canada

I got the Dano Pro and absolutely love it. After a few weeks now, it's become my "slide" guitar.
The Teisco's and Trutones are about to go. It's that good!
Michael O. / Boston, MA

"WOW!!! The Danelectro 12 string is absolutely wonderful! Steve (my son) has been playing it non-stop
since it arrived about an hour ago. Now he's off to his friend's house to show it off. He loves the sound
and the touch and has taken to it right away. The White Pearl is absolutely magnificent. Thank you so much!
I never imagined we'd have a Dano in our home, much less a brand new one. This never would have happened
if it weren't for you. Steve and I wish you the very best. You're terrific!!" 
Carol Bowne / Oak 
Park, Illinois

I received the DC-12 string yesterday and I haven't been able to put it down ever since!
It's in great playing/cosmetic condition. Looks like new! It arrived very quickly to Israel
and was extremly well packed. Thank you Spencer! 
Tomer Lahav, Israel

Just wanted to let you know the guitar was delivered today with no problems. 
Condition and setup is great, just like you described. The sound has terrific presence and character.
Your website is very nice for shopping and researching.  Good doing business with you!
Greg Dolhy / Moscow, PA

Just a quick note to thank you for the special attention paid to the transaction of the DC-59
which was proudly named “Limo” and sits right next to “Little Martha” (my original DC Convertible
that I learned to play guitar on in the 60’s.) All the pre-sales info you provided was accurate
and accountable. We’ll do business again.
Milt Vardakis / California

Thank you for the incredibly fast delivery and excellent product.
Paul Turnbull / West Sussex, UK

Hello there. Just a quick e-mail to let you know that I received the Danelectro today.
Thank you for all of your help, and for also providing me with this beautiful guitar. All the best.
Chris Chant / UK

Just a short note to say thanks very much for the Hodad! It arrived here in the UK very quickly. 
She's a beauty! Plays like a dream and looks sensational! Arrived quickly in tip-top condition.
Thanks a million, DanGuitars!
James Wilson / London

Just wanted to tell you that my husband loves his new doubleneck Danelectro.
Thanks for your great service and attention. I really appreciate it!!

Thank you Spencer, you are a good man to do business with. I really appreciate your diligence
and quick replys to all my e-mails. I hope we can do more biz in the future. You guys make it easy
with your $50.00 down and 30 days to pay policy.
Marco / Auburn, N.Y

I'm sure you know it's very hard to buy something sight-unseen, especially a guitar that you can't play to feel or hear.
The testimonials there on your website helped me overcome that dilemma when I finally did choose.
So thank you. It makes me feel good that perhaps someone else might make that choice
because of reading my experience. Keep up the great work.
Steve MacDonald / Denver, Colorado

Just wanted to drop a line to let you know I received by 59-DC yesterday. This guitar is a beautiful piece!
It's "retro" styling keeps it from looking like just any other guitar.  There is something that draws me to this guitar,
be it legacy, cultness or whatever, I just can't put my finger on it at this time. Once again, I want to say thanks. 
This whole ordering/purchasing process proceeded to the end without any snags. My compliments to you and DanGuitars. 
I'm sure I may have a question or two about my Dano somewhere down the line, need parts, or advice, so I'll be in contact. 
Chuck Tresp

I just recieved my Danelectro turquoise matalflake DC-3 today. It nearly blew my pants off!
The sound is frickin' fantastic, great action and incredibly light weight.
Thank you so much. My life is now complete. Take care and keep on doing what your doing.
Angela Joy

Just a quick note to say that I received the 56-U3. It is beautiful! It is my dream guitar,
and the condition is excellent. Thanks so much for your help and great service.
Rae Fisher

The 59 Dano arrived last week and it plays and sounds great.
Much better than was even advertised!! Thanks a lot.

Thank you for the prompt & courteous service.  My 56-U2 Daddy-O-Yellow guitar came neatly packaged & ready to play. 
The guitar is a dream to play & is better than what I expected. Thanks again from a new first-time Danelectro owner. 

Mark Guadiana Del Toro / 
Del Rio, Texas

I got the Dano Pro and absolutely love it. After a few weeks now it's become my "slide" guitar.
The Teisco's and Trutones are about to go up on eBay, it's that good!
Tom Cvikota

The '56 Danelectro U-1 reissue is awesome. The single pickup is warm with plenty of midrange,
and the concentric tone/volume pot is sensitive enough to pick up even the most subtle adjustments. 
I put GHS nickel rockers on it like you guys recommended and it is a tone machine. The guys in my band keep
looking over at me in disbelief that this little guitar with the single pickup can get so many tonal varieties.
It really nails that '50's tone.
J.G. Silva, New Mexico

I just received the 56 U-3 in Turquoise metalflake.It arrived in perfect condition.
The sounds that come out of this guitar are amazing! This makes Dano #4 from you.
Thank you very much for such a great source of these wonderful guitars.
Richard G. / Golden, Colorado

Thank you for the wonderful DANO PRO and fantastic service. I am speaking as a man who swore he
would never buy a guitar on line but I decided to take a chance and I'm very pleased. The guitar came by the day
promised and packed better than a waitress at Hooters.
Thomas George / Yonkers, NY

I received a Convertible and a DC-3 both in perfect condition.
Thanks for the fast shipping and the very good packaging.
Hugo Westerdahl / Madrid, Spain

I am a professional guitar player and have many guitars, both old and new but this is my first Danelectro (DC-3),
and my first experience with lipstick pickups. It is completely unique, more so than I imagined. 
It sounds really good unplugged, which for me, is always a sign of a good instrument.
I got a chance to play it with the band tonight for the first time. It was really authentic sounding 
and was a real pleasure to use on the surf stuff. I also used it on some old Monkees tunes
and some Beach Boys stuff, even a Clapton tune (I didn't have a strat with me). It really shined!
Thanks for the great guitar and the new experience!  A U2 is next for me, I think. 
I like the sound sample on your site and the bass player has one and it sounds very cool as well. 
Keith Simmonds

The longhorn bass arrived safely today. It plays so effortlessly and the appearance is gorgeous.
Ever since i saw a photo of John Entwistle with one of these years ago I wondered if 
I would ever find one for myself. Just perfect. Thanks again!

I am a very satisfied customer for DanGuitars! In 1975, I was given an OLD Danelectro (single pickup)
that came with a snapped off headstock held together with a plate of steel, two screws and a strap hose clamp.
I played it that way for a few days and it still sounded and played fine! I finally epoxeyed the head back
to the neck and it held great and I played it for years that way. After some thirty years, I finally restored it,
save for the tuners. I came across DanGuitars, seeking original stock closed tuners as it had. They HAD them! 
So, after a quick consultation with Spencer, I got the tuners shipped and installed them that evening.
The guitar sounds beautiful! I forgot what a great tone it has with that split single pickup! Warm bass,
nice crisp trebles, great sustain. The smooth action and good bending make this STILL a great old guitar! 
I am proud to be a Dano owner!
Jacques Graber

Just a note to say thank you for the 59-DC Pro. It arrived today, and I've been playing it all evening. 
It is a beautiful instrument, very well setup, and a cool color. I appreciate the excellent packing.
It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and I hope to purchase from you again.

Just thought I would drop you a line to tell you that my Danelectro Guitarlin arrived today in perfect order
all the way from the USA to Australia. She sings like no other guitar I've ever owned. I've waited seventeen years 
to buy a Guitarlin and it was worth the wait. I love it! It's also my first Dano. These instruments absolutely stand alone
as a genuine alternative to a Fender or Gibson. This will be the start of a Dano passion and collection for me. 
I have developed an instant endearment for this unique and beautiful instrument. There is just nothing else like it.
Thanks again for your efficient delivery and great website. I have now become a true Dano convert.
Daniel Binfield / Australia

I've always wanted an electric 12 string guitar ever since I heard The Searchers & The Byrds back in the 60's.
The DC-12 is the easiest playing 12 string I’ve ever played. My DC-12 has every bit the tone of a Rickenbacker!

Mike Robinson / GA.

Wow, talk about pure tone! One of the best instruments that came out of the '50's
was the baritone guitar. Danelectro and their company have knocked it out of the ballpark with this instrument!
The Baritone guitar from Danelctro is a must have to complete any collection of tone instruments.
As soon as I plugged it in to my Blues Jr. I knew that a new world of licks and tone was coming my way.
Thanks to Danelectro for PRESERVING THE BEST AND REINVENTING THE REST! I love my Dano Bari.
Ron Wolf / Michigan

My Commie Rd 59-DC arrived in just four days. This Dano is incredible. 
I simply cannot get over the tone this bad boy puts out. 
This guitar is so going to be attached at my hip for a long, long time.
Zach Bishop / Cortland, NY

I'm enjoying the Dano indeed. It's absolutely fantastic. Thanks for your good service.
So good in fact, that I have just made a second purchase.
Ivan / Croatia

We received the DC Bass on Wednesday morning. My son Ben says it's even nicer to play than his Hodad bass,
which has been the favourite till now. Ben used his Hodad for a successful audition to gain entry to a
Contemporary Performance music degree course at Otago University for next year - a university
course in rock music performance -pretty cool eh?
John C. / New Zealand

Thank you Spencer for being so patient. I'm absolutely in love with this guitar!
Keep on selling these beautiful instruments! I shall be buying some more from you! Rock On! 
Nick / Switzerland

I love this site. My Dano Baritone was shipped the same day that I ordered it. 
I highly recommend this site for all of your Danelectro needs!
Daniel DeMonico

Just a quick email to let you know that my Danelectro 59-DC arrived this morning.
Totally diggin' it!! It's an awesome guitar! Cheers.

David Robinson / Australia

I would like to thank you for your perfect delivery of the Danelectro 56-U2 guitar.
The guitar you have sent me is in perfect condition. It is a real beauty and adds wonderful color to my recordings.
I recommend anybody interested in Danos to check your website. You are a real guitar man and
a one hundred percent reliable business man. It was a real pleasure doing business with you.

Andreas Günter / Germany

May I just say, thank you. That was an amazingly quick reply. If I ever need parts for my new dano bass, is going to be the first place I look! Thanks for the speedy question answering!
Bryan Sutermaster

This is to tell you that the Dano '63 guitar looks and sounds amazing! I really appreciate your service,
in particular the fast delivery and good packaging. Actually this is my first Dano and I just can't wait to buy more.
Thanks so much and I'm happy to share this email as a testimonial on your site.  I would definitely
recommend anyone in Hong Kong or anywhere to buy from your site.
Johnny / Hong Kong

Just wanted to send you an email and let you know the guitar arrived and it is awesome!
My husband loves it and says it is the best guitar I  have bought him, and I bought him a
Gibson Flying V and a Martin acoustic.
Laura Roberson

I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for prompt service on the burgundy 56-U2 you sold me.
This was my first guitar as I'm a keyboardist. I was attracted to the U2 by its price and sound
and I wanted to wait a while before submitting a testimonial. It's been a little over four months
and I've gotten pretty comfortable with the instrument, which arrived quickly,
well-packed and in the condition you described. Thanks again!

I just recieved a Dano Pro from you guys and wanted to take the time to tell you how pleased I am
with the guitar and your service. If I ever want another guitar you will be my first source.
Michael Choate / Arkansas

I received the Hodad in perfect condition. All that was necessary was to tune the strings.
The intonation was perfect and it played warm and sweet. A big Canadian thank you. 
Dan Murphy

Over the years I've bought a several guitars, but never a Danelectro.  I've seen them advertised again
over the past few years at really low prices so I assumed that they must be of poor quality. Boy was I wrong!
I just purchased a '59 Danelectro reissue and I must say that I am greatly impressed. 
It truly sounds phenomenal - especially considering the low price tag. The sound coming through my Fender twin
was very clean and very defined. It plays well up and down the neck and looks cool too. As a teacher, I will
definitely suggest this guitar, a great beginner all the way to pro guitar. I say beginner only because
of the price, not because of any lack of quality. I'm already thinking of buying another one. Keep up the great work guys!!

Wil Kindler
Sorry for the delay on the testimonial. I haven't been able to let go of the guitar for long enough to do much of anything else.
It's a dream
, plain and simple. Another customer for life, my friend. Cheers.
Wil Kindler / New Hampshire

About 17 years ago a friend of mine gave me a Danelectro 59-DC which I loved but got stolen.
I dont like to buy guitars online because I've had bad experiences before until I discovered
What was different was that they do a complete set up before shipping and that sold me.
My 2012 '59 Danelectro arrived about an hour after I got home from work. It plays and sounds bitchin!
Its sounds nothing like my Hot rod Gretsch but my Gretsch sounds nothing like my Dano! Two very different worlds.
You want twang? The Dano's got twang galore!!  I got the '59 modified version aka the Jimmy Page model with the Badass style bridge.
Thank you Spencer for the excellent service and for answering EVERY email that I sent you. You made me feel like a friend!
Mike Rios / San Diego, CA

"Just to let you know that I received the DC-12 yesterday and that I am very pleased with the excellent setup of
the guitar and the very fast delivery to Australia in under one week. Thanks for a great shopping experience.
Beat Wettstein / Perth, Australia

I received the Danelectro Pro yesterday. Thanks so much for all the help with the purchase. Not only was it easy to order, 
but I got some help and advice while doing it.  The guitar arrived well packed and in perfect condition.  
I know this may be the honeymoon period, but I have yet to put it down.  
Again, thanks for everything. 
Jarrod Guth / Topeka Kansas

Buying a guitar with DanGuitars has been a fantastic experience! Pre and Post sales are a breeze.
All of my emails were answered and everything was done right in terms of customer
 service. 110% satisfied! 
I happen to chance upon a DC-59 1st Reissue on this website and after much thought, I decide to go with my gut feeling
 bought it by purchasing with my credit card over the phone. Spencer is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable
so that immediately puts me at
 ease. He also provided additional service not rendered at your usual online internet purchases.
The entire transaction was a breeze.
It took me a while to unpack it because it was packed exceptionally well.
After a little minor adjustments to suit my playing, I tuned it to the Rain Song, plugged it into my Marshall Tube amp and it was a
 Stairway to Heaven. 
Thank you very much for everything. I highly recommend DanGuitars. Garrett Woon / North Vancouver B. C., Canada

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