Serial Numbers

Dating Your Dano

All Danelectro, Silvertones, and Coral use basically the same serial number scheme, with some exceptions. But for the most part you can date your Danelectro from the serial number.

The usual serial number location is in the neck pocket. But occassionally you'll find it hidden on other parts of the body along with other random scribbling. 

Most Dano serial numbers are 3 or 4 digits, and decode like this:

  • 1st, 2nd digit week of the year.  Note: If there is a second digit serial number then the first digit is the week.
  • 3rd digit: unknown
  • 4th digit: last digit of the year

 U-1 Serial Number

Serial number on neck butt of a 1960 model 3021 double cutaway shorthorn.