These are the ONLY schematics we have. assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of any of the wiring diagrams/schematics listed below
as they are not from the original manufacturer.

 FREE download  3-way switch wiring diagram (jpg)

1 pickup Danelelctro schematic


  FREE  1 pickup Danelelctro schematic (jpg)

Danelectro longhorn guitar wiring diagram FREE download 3-way switch wiring diagram (jpg)

Danelectro Viscount amp schematic



 FREE download Danelectro Viscount amp schematic (pdf)

Danelectro Commando amp schematic


 FREE download Danelectro Commando / Airline GDR-8518A amp schematic (pdf)

Danelectro Envoy amp schematic


 FREE download Danelectro Envoy amp schematic (pdf)




FREE download Danelectro Pioneer 25a amp circa pre-1959 schematic (pdf)


Danelectro Twin 15 amp schematic FREE download Danelectro Twin 15 amp circa 1961 schematic (pdf)

 FREE download Danelectro Century 30 amp circa 1961 schematic (pdf)

Danelectro Centurion amp Series F Model 275 schematic (pdf) FREE download Danelectro Centurion amp Series F Model 275 schematic (pdf) 





Danelelctro Special amp schematic FREE download Danelelctro Special amp schematic (pdf)

Danelectro FabTone schematic



 FREE download Danelectro FabTone schematic (gif)

We also have schematics available for the following:
*9100 Reverb Box
*Amp in case models: 1448, 1449, 1457
*Also the following amps:
1474, 1482,1483, 1485,
DM-10 & DM-25 Amplifier,

* $10.00 for schematic emailed in pdf format.