Danelectro Convertible

One of the most popular Danos ever was the Convertible, the working musician's acoustic/electric. 
Play it acoustically and enjoy great resonance and excellent projection.
Electrically, it has the "signature" Danelectro sound, but with an open "jangly" acoustic vibe. 
The Convertible, originally produced in the 1960's and was offered as a re-issue between 
1998 and 2001 was a hollow-bodied thinline acoustic/electric guitar based on the Shorthorn.
 It had a conventional round sound hole with a lipstick pickup mounted diagonally across the hole.

The original Convertible name came from the ability to play it unplugged as
 an acoustic guitar or plugged in as an electric guitar. 

J.J. Cale with his Convertible

A monster! 
Combining our '56 Lipstick with Piezo produces huge tone.
Maybe the best acoustic electric tone ever.

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