Danelectro '67 Hornet Guitar
circa 2009

Experience the next wave in the Danelectro limited "Dead On" reissue line with ''67 Hornet Guitar.

Maple Neck with Adjustable Truss Rod at the Headstock
Original Danelectro Tremolo with Swivel Rosewood Bridge
Plastic knobs on the Tuning Gears
"Souped-up" Lipstick Pickups
Guitar neck scale: 25"
Rosewood fingerboard
Totally Shielded
Aluminum Nut

Sorry, this item no longer available.

Note: The Hornet came from the factory with 10 gauge strings installed. DanGuitars recommends switching to 
11 gauge strings which should help keep the guitar in better tune when using the the tremolo bar. 
The tremolo bar is intended for subtle note bending and not Jimi Hendrix style dive bombing effects.